Line your lawns with signs and flags
Pick sides accordingly.
Under some notion that they’ll benefit
You or me.
Manipulated congregations
(That are) bought and sold entirely
their system and the cycle wont change
cause we’re flocks of sheep.

See what we’ve become?
Or maybe it’s always been this way
Something must be done *****
Its all fucked. Because there is no more tomorrow.

Don’t matter if we get sick
made that rich money quick
the whole sha-bang’s built on
“survival of the fit.”
There’s to many known secrets
All that conspiracy shit
We need an impeachment
Of the whole human race.
Sweep it under the rug.

We deserve everything comin our way
How we treat this earth for a buck’s a fucking disgrace.
The ditch has been dug and the gears have been spun
We’ve been gettin set up to make sure we all go extinct.

I aint complainin..thats just fine by me.



from .​.​.​the local motion, released October 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Good Times Cape May, New Jersey

Hardcore band from Cape May , NJ.
Est. 2010

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