"If you’re gonna be dumb then you best be tough”
-the first lesson Pop Mitch taught me when I was young.
Work hard, then play harder.
Always eat your breakfast
Try to learn from life’s lessons

Hesitation leads to death.
Lookin twice saves a life.
Cant be scared, (not) this day and age.
Karmas a bitch and snitches get stitches *
Don’t forget that life is pain **

Reasons not rules make us strong ***
And screaming gets you nothing.****
Respect and trust gets earned,
Through years of work.
You are what you eat.
And there’s that golden rule thing.

Keep learnin’ something everyday
And make sure that you don’t repeat
the same foolish past mistakes.

those are just a few things
that have stuck with me.

Proper Nodz and borrowed lines from: (look in lyrics)

* Leeway
** Merauder
*** Bane
**** American Nightmare


from .​.​.​the local motion, released October 21, 2016



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Good Times Cape May, New Jersey

Hardcore band from Cape May , NJ.
Est. 2010

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