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While you were screaming for the change
You wana see in the world
I was breaking these chains
That were binding my hands and my FEET
Actions are what speak to me
Look inside and be the change.
Masters of our own realities

Im scratching, I’m clawing
Im fighin’ still tryna figure out
How it’s all suppose to make sense
So I (continue to) SEEK
Nothing worth havin comes easy
Wont be a product of the same.
Be the change. Break the chains.

I’m to hard on myself.
Can’t always make a difference
But the world’s too fucked and
Constantly needs fixin.
Getin wrapped up in the days in and daze out livin.
Forget to focus on what’s really goin on.

All on same the route tryna figure it out
Been good and lost for a long time but not down for the count
We see through the deceiving
Searching through lies for some meaning
and coming up short. IT'S FUCKED

Been fucked from the start
doesn't mean i'm giving up

I’m scratching, I’m clawin, im fighting
Still tryna figure it out so I keep seeking.


from .​.​.​the local motion, released October 21, 2016



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Good Times Cape May, New Jersey

Hardcore band from Cape May , NJ.
Est. 2010

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