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released October 17, 2011



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Good Times Cape May, New Jersey

Hardcore band from Cape May , NJ.
Est. 2010

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Track Name: Exit Zero
There’s no guards or bars. Still I can’t escape.
Imprisoned in my mind, I can’t erase
All the terrible things that I’ve done when I’m a waste.
Can’t sit around holding my breath waiting for a change.
I’m trying my best. I can’t make any promises.
We gotta start respecting our selves, evaluate how we live.
Put our money where our mouth is.
I’m not kidding around. Get up and get off that couch kid!

We only get one life, Lets live it!
Tomorrow’s never promised so I’m looking for a good time.
Track Name: STPD
took some tests. got a gun and a badge.
too bad it didn't rate how much you're a scum bag.
write some tickets; watch your pocket grow.
always holding me tell why i should have respect for you?
riding my ass. always fucking creepin.
(i say) "fuck the police man". you better believe it.

arrest some kids for skatin in the streets
makin out on the beach too late?
then buy some 18 year old hunnies liquor
for when you get off duty? (fuck you jason baker)

i've had enough
of this double standard and hypocrisy shit.

when the fuck and how did you get so high and mighty?
this is a "small, safe town." not some big motherfucking city.
over paid.lazy creeps. there's just to many.
Lambert was supplying roids to the whole town..
but still has a job..he was the D.A.R.E. cop?..
now i think that's funny.

cover up anything that'd steer away the shoobies
there's just no need for all these small town pigs
it's confusing when you've never once
"served" or "protected" me
Track Name: no shirt, no shoes, fuck yeah
put on some baggies, slip in my rainbows, grab my board
rip the bong, eat breakfast head straight for the door
the burning sun, the waves, who could ever ask for more?
stop by south end, poverty, headin for the cove
here come the cmpd, run over to the fishermans memorial
swing by pearl on the way davies, pit party at oreos
cruisin down seashore, bbq'in at the pool

turn up the tunes, and fuckin kick out the jams
nothing but good times and fun in the sand
no shirt, no shoes, fuck yeah
Track Name: parkway north (bolt kooks)
fuck up my day get in my way
everything i enjoy you make me hate
you gotta lose the bullshit attitude
what are you entitled to, you only lived here a week

youre crossing the line, pollute our beaches clog the streets
lookin for your good time at my expense
i cant take

go back to your own town and learn some respect
all you fuckin shoobies better clean up your act
Track Name: don't get it twisted
shut your fucking mouth when your talking to me
we'll never see eye to eye, or agree to disagree
being myself. that's the only way i know how to be
don't tell me how to live my life cause i do as i please
most times it tends to be against the grain
i won't hold my tongue because it only fuels the beast inside of me.
i need to release.

soo now i'm nothin but an asshole
cause i said what everyone was thinkin?
i'm just keepin it real man
don't you fuckin get it twisted.
i'm still tryna figure out
what you were expectin?
gotta get down with the realness
there's no other way to be.

what the fuck was it you were expecting?

CAN'T TAKE the heat get the fuck out of the kitchen
NO MORE will i sit and up my ears and listen.
there's only so many times i can give "benefits of the doubt"
showed what your about. i need no excuse.
Track Name: livin' for me
There's no happy ending to this story
no riding off in the sun, bound for days of glory
every single fucking day i'm at my all time low
just lookin for something, to get me through my days.
put on my head phones.everything's not fine,but feels ok.
sound system brought me back up again...

this wasn't some phase. never a trend to me.
forever inside it fucking flows through my veins.
what i believe. my pride. my joy. my everything.
if it wasn't for hardcore i'd be dead in a ditch.

what is it they want me to see?
cause this world is fucked through my eyes.
so i won't fall in line.
no i can't ever lose sight
of what's important to me in my life.

there's no need to fucking figure it out...

white picket fences,2 kids,a dog n a pension.
sounds like a fucking life sentence to me.
i can't sit around and run my dreams into the ground
for some scale of success made by society.
that's fucking weak.

you may never see it how i see it.
and that's fuckin fine by me.